Condensates and Wet Gas Metering

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With the increasing focus on the development of gas/condensate reservoirs increasing attention is given to the special challenges that gas/condensate testing and metering is presenting. This presentation will focus on wet gas flow measurement and sampling. At present wet gas metering and sampling technology has been chosen by a large number of operators worldwide for the purpose of well testing and continuous production measurements, thereby replacing expensive well test separators and related infrastructure from the design.

Besides the significant cost savings, the availability of continuous readings of each well’s production rates allow for enhanced reservoir management and production optimisation at satellite locations. A wet gas metering set-up generally consist of permanently installed SmartVent wet gas venturi based flow meters, dedicated wet gas flow measurement calculation and monitoring software, and sampling equipment for accurate fluid sampling and on-site tracer flow calibration/verification. For a number of projects the wet gas meters have been subjected to full scale testing at a representative high pressure gas/liquid flow test facility prior to installation. As of today very valuable results have been obtained from the systems and the aim of this presentation will be to provide an insight to a number of these installations.

About the Author

Rick de Leeuw is the Manager of Products & Development for Petrotech (Expro Group). He has a Physics and quantum physics degrees. His career spanned 6 years with Petrotech and 10 years with Shell E&P Research. His areas of expertise include Production Measurements, Fluid sampling and analysis, Well testing and Reservoir simulation

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