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Online registration and payment of fees

SPE is a place for all of today's industry professionals, regardless of experience or course of study. Although engineers are the core of SPE's membership, not all SPE members are engineers. SPE offers two types of membership: Professional and Student.

Join SPE

Online registration and payment of fees

See How to Join SPE as a Professional

See How to Join SPE as a Student

You will need a credit / debit card

To confirm your qualification to join SPE press «qualify» button, you will be asked if you have registered on this website before – for the first time registration you will need to select the link in the bottom «Apply for full SPE membership and set up my online login»

Then you need to follow instructions on the website and fill all required information. Please proceed just up to payment page, and when payment confirmed – receipt will be sent on your email address  and in one month you will get with the courier first issue of JPT magazine and member card (please note that the membership payment is annual and expire at the end of each calendar year).

Please, complete the form carefully and put you postal address, where you would like to receive JPT Magazine.

If by any reason you were not able to complete the registration (including payment) in one run – you can continue in any other time, using the same initial link and confirming «qualify» and then «I already have a login on the SPE website».

If you have any error messages or if your credit card is not accepted for payment, please contact Membership Director (his contacts you can find Board of Directors) or SPE Technical support at


Registration with the paper form

You can also register using the paper form.

If you like you can print the form from this link.

Complete the form and send to this address .

If you are a Student, please use the form for Students: Standard (PDF, 1 Mb) or High Resolution (PDF, 3,5 Mb).