Due to the current epidemiological situation, the meeting of the Moscow section of SPE on April 7, 2020 is canceled.

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 Due to the current epidemiological situation, the meeting of the Moscow section of SPE on April 7, 2020 is canceled.

ESP Surveillance and Optimization System in “Smart Fields” of Salym Petroleum Development


Anastasia Musorina

Salym Petroleum Development - Production programmer (WRFM)


She has more than 7 years of working experience in oil production companies in the area of monitoring the operation of ESPs (electrical submersible pumps), proactive monitoring of oil production and water injection indicators in the area of waterflooding, determining deviations from expected values ​​/ operating limits in order to introduce corrective actions. She is a member of the SPE and a member of the Organizational and Technical Committees of the International ESP Symposium - SPE Electric Submersible Pumps Symposium, Houston, USA - the largest ESP event in the world. Also she is the author of articles in Russian and foreign industry books and magazines.

In current conditions of oil and gas production the highest significance is the use of intellectual control technologies improving operational activities of the company. The main task of intellectual system is optimization of production, technical solutions, processes of planning and operational expenditures.

SPD pays significant attention to issues of optimization of oil production and production energy efficiency, and in this relation in the beginning of 2016 the company developed and implemented a program of daily analysis of production well stock operation and making decisions on optimization of their operating modes called “Optimization Register”. 

This system is integration of well and equipment operating parameters  in real time mode and technical information from different databases into one base with automatic check of data correctness. This allows to promptly draw attention of Analytical Engineer to arising problems with the well, create a request for actions to re-establish operating mode and send the request to responsible persons for implementation of required actions to stabilize its operating mode. All requests are created in the program and automatically sent to performers. Time of request submission and its closure is strictly recorded by the program, which allows to assess prompt work of different services in the company.

Automatic detection of destabilization of well and/or equipment operating mode, creation and implementation of requests within limits of work optimization now presents a closed cross-functional cycle of information delivery allowing each participant to have all updated information on specific well and leave comments related to his/her responsibility area.


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