(Online webinar) Energy transformation in Russia and international experience. December 8 and 9, 2021 from 16:00-19:00 (Moscow time)

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  • Start Time: Wednesday, 08 December 2021, 19:00
  • Event Type: Conference


The Energy Transition, which is rapidly developing all over the world, has been actively discussed in Russia only in recent years, in connection with the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement and the approach of the introduction of cross-border carbon regulation by the countries of the European Union. SPE is scheduled to hold a seminar on the topic of Energy Transition.

The energy transformation - the gradual transition of the energy complex from the use of fossil fuels to carbon-neutral, including renewable sources - has affected the whole world to one degree or another.

This SPE seminar provides an opportunity to discuss energy transformation with experts not only from Russia, but also from abroad, we will talk about already planned projects and what has been implemented - in Russia, Europe, America and the East. We will devote a separate session to an important part of energy transformation - decarbonization. We have focused on those areas that are already being implemented in Russia and the Caspian region, or may be implemented in the near future: energy efficiency improvement, CO2 capture, transport and disposal/disposal, and the use of CO2 as a EOR.

Participation is free.

Registration link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0pcOmspzooHdH_69W2QK9jI953aQ_cOfKx

8 Dec 16:00-19:00

Moderator: Anar Yermukhambetova - InflowControl,  Yagudina Liliya - Zarubezhneft

16:10-16:40 Energy Transition. –  GaffneyCline, Mark Wilkie

16:40-17:10 Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS). –  GaffneyCline - Pavel Im

17:10-17:40 New business approaches, technical solutions and R&D for the utilization of APG flares and reduction of CO2 emissions. - Volgagas, Andrey Zozulya

17:40-18:10 Completion technology like a tool for Energy Transition. Case studies. –  InflowControl, Brent Brough

18:10-18:40 Methane Reduction, Case studies in Canada. – Carbon Connect International, Darcy Spady


9 Dec 16:00-19:05

Moderator: Antonina Kozmina -SPE, Natalya Lesina - Lukoil-Engineering 

16:05-16:35 The target is Net zero emission. What should oil and gas companies do? – Zarubezhneft, Yagudina Liliya V  

16:35-17:05 Digital solutions for Russia’s energy transformation. –  Novosibirsk Scientific and Technical Center (NSTC), Dmitry Tailakov

17:05-17:35 CO2 usage for Hard Recover Reserves. –  RITEK, Sergey Kharlanov 

17:35-18:05 Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism of EU. Corporate Prevention measures. – Zarubezhneft, Toporkova Alina F 

18:05-18:35 Problems and possible solutions in the construction of deep geothermal wells. – National University of Oil and Gas «Gubkin University», Mikhail Gelfgat

18:35-19:05 Decarbonization and Energy Transition Trends in Natural gas Industry – SKOLKOVO, Sergey Kapitonov.


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