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SPE Russian and Caspian Advisory Committee chaired by Vladimir Mulyak, LUKOIL, and Gokhan Saygi, Schlumberger, has decided to run a workshop on EOR. Workshop on this subject will take place in Russia for the first time and is scheduled on 25-26 February in Moscow.

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Registration Deadline: 10 February 2016 Instructor: NIKOLAY SMIRNOV

This course provides understanding of necessary geomechanics basics and its applications in the oil and gas industry. This course covers the origin of earth's stress and pore pressure in reservoir rocks, techniques and methods of assessment using well's data; it gives good understanding of elastic and strength (mechanical) properties of the rocks, with an introduction to the basics of experimental rock mechanics. The course also examines the main approaches of construction of Mechanical Earth Model (MEM) and the further application of these models to solve the most important issues of exploration and development of oil and gas fields. The course deals with examples of wellbore stability, modeling and forecasting abnormally high formation pressures, deals with fracturing stimulation optimization and sanding issues; also there would be covered issues of geomechanics application to unconventional, and fractured shale oil and gas.

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Seismic data has been long and successfully used for building field models. Development of the structural framework, sequence- and seismic-stratigraphic interpretation, forecasting of reservoir properties in the inter-well space are the habitual areas of seismic studies.