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The presentation is divided into two parts. In the first one, the speaker will present a general view on modern approaches of big data processing (using machine learning methods) in application for oil and gas industry. Some myths related to BIG DATA approaches, barriers of their implementation within the industry will be presented as well as the idea why in some industries data science instruments are fruitful while in others are not. The second part will be devoted to application of spectral methods and deep learning algorithms for thin sections analysis of sandstones. It will be demonstrated how these methods allow us to reduce significantly time wasting for routing processes as well as to enhance the data value .



Semeon BUDENNYY, Head of Department of Digital Technologies in the Industry at the Center for Engineering and Technology of MIPT (CET MIPT), PhD student at MIPT. In 2014 he obtained the Master’s degree in Physics at NSU, in 2011 – Bachelor’s degree in Physics at NSU, in 2007 he graduated from Specialized Educational Scientific Center of NSU. He has been working at CET-MIPT from 2014, being an SPE member from 2014.