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SPE is pleased to announce that Halliburton Energy Services has renewed its corporate sponsorship of the Student Sponsorship Program for 2005 and 2006. Under this Program, Halliburton will pay the dues of any SPE Student Member if the Student Member so elects. Information about you contained in SPE’s records will be sent by SPE to Halliburton if you elect to have Halliburton pay your dues under the Program.


New student members must complete a Student Membership Application. This form gives you the option to have Halliburton pay your dues under this sponsorship program. You must complete the form and fax or mail it to SPE.

If you are a current student member and would like to participate, you can complete an online form that allows you to take advantage of this program.

The agreement provides all qualifying petroleum-engineering students with membership in the Society at no cost. SPE currently has more than 14,000 student members in 137 student chapters in 137 student chapters in 42 countries up from 5,000 student members in 100 student chapters located in 36 countries just 3 years ago. 

Membership dues for SPE student members range from U.S. $13 to U.S. $9 per year, depending on the country of a student’s preferred address. Student members must be in good academic standing and carry at least 30% of their academic workload in petroleum engineering or related arts and sciences.

BJ Services Company headquartered in Houston has agreed to become the exclusive sponsor of the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) University eLibrary Subscription Program for three years beginning 1 April 2005. Under the program, BJ Services underwrites subscription fees that provide SPE eLibrary access to students, faculty and staff at universities and colleges with SPE student chapters.


The SPE eLibrary is an online storehouse containing over 38,000 technical papers that subscribers can search and download through SPE’s website. Both seasoned energy professionals and students use the eLibrary to find leading-edge solutions to real-world challenges. SPE adds many new peer-reviewed papers each year and has just made a major investment in enhancing eLibrary’s search capabilities.

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