SWITCH Screening at Lomonosov MSU

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The SWITCH screening at the Lomonosov Moscow State University took place on the 6th of November in the 611 biggest lecture hall at the Faculty of Geology.


Promotion Campaign

Before the screening, a promotion campaign was held, with the help of the local SPE and EAGE student chapters. The main (and the most effective, as the feedback form showed) methods of promotion:

1) VKontakte social network — the event was published on the page of the geological department, so all of the students of the faculty saw the posters and flyers.

2) Wall posters — A2 or A3, they were put on every announcement board we could get to involve students from other faculties. 

The Event

The event was started at 18.30 by Ivan Agapitov, SPE student chapter vice-president.

There were three energy/oil/coal industry specialists who gave introductory/finishing 

speeches: Mikhail Golytsin, a doctor of science and author of 16 monographs on solid fossil 

fuels and alternative energy sources, Andrey Kazak — PhD, a specialist from Schlumberger 

Moscow Research center and Elena Poludetkina — PhD, senior researcher of the fossil fuels chair 

at the Lomonosov MSU.


A high-definition (Blu-Ray) version of the movie with English subtitles was shown. The audience 

was completely absorbed by the film, as it is a lot more exciting and moving than a regular 

documentary. After the screening, a discussion followed. During the discussion, Mikhail Golytsin and Elena Poludetkina shared their opinions on the film and the whole energy industry with the  audience and answered the questions.


In total 27 visitors have attended the screening:

1) 20 students/PhD candidates/PhDs from the Faculty of Geology

2) 3 students from Faculty of Geography

3) 1 student from Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

4) 2 students from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

5) 1 professor from the Chernomorsky MSU Campus, Sebastopol, Ukraine

Next Steps

This was the first SWITCH screening not only in the MSU, but in Russian Federation. We 

are planning to continue screening the movie, but targeting bigger audiences. The professor of 

Chernomorsky MSU Campus, Alexey Kalinichenko, has invited us to show the film to the students 

in Chernomorsky MSU Campus, Sevastopol, Ukraine (over 300 of them), and our friends from the 

Gubkin Russian State University Of Oil and Gas also wished to host a screening.

So, we think that this screening was not only a very interesting event, but also a really good 

starting point for future opportunities.

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