Tuesday, 07 February 2017

Uncertainty, IOR and smart wells


Uncertainty accompanies us everywhere: in our daily life, in developing new technologies, forecasting supply and demand of energy resources, oil and gas prices and many other things.

We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on " Fine tuning of the well logs data interpretation based on combinations of facies analysis and petrophysical data".


January 2017

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The presentation will show the benefits of engineered drilling system approach for one of the most challenging projects above the Arctic Circle.

We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on "Injection wells completion under thermal gas treatment" Yakunin Sergey, Ritek.


December 2016

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The drilling industry has undergone a revolution in the past decade, with horizontal drilling becoming the norm for the development of many unconventional and conventional reservoirs. Horizontal wells pose unique challenges for log interpretation and formation evaluation. Most of the logging technology in use was developed for evaluating vertical wells.

We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on " Mathematical Modeling of the Slug Flow Induced by the Pipeline Geometry." Pavel Spesivtsev, Schlumberger, Moscow


Our focus is on an integrated geology-to-economics assessment of new prospects given catastrophically low availability of input data. It is a case study of Australia shallow offshore.

We are pleased to announce that registration for SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference and Exhibition, taking place 24-26 October 2016 in Moscow, is open.