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The 2014 Regional Student Paper Contest was held during the SPE Russian Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technical Conference and Exhibition 2014. The contest had three divisions: undergraduate (15th of October), master’s, and PhD (16th of October).

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По инициативе Регионального Наблюдательного совета SPE под руководством Владимира Витальевича Муляка и Гёхана Сайга Общество инженеров нефтегазовой промышленности во второй раз проводит специальную сессию молодых специалистов.

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Information about fluid properties is a required input for every stage in the oil and gas industry from the reservoir to the refinery. It is therefore of utmost importance for reservoir, facility and corrosion engineers to understand the volumetric behaviour and the transport properties of the produced fluid. These fluid properties can be obtained from PVT reports generated either in-house or in external labs. In both cases, engineers should be able to perform a consistency check on the data before including it in their respective tasks.