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Production of hydrocarbons from tight reservoirs has a long history and traces itself back to the end of 19th – beginning of 20th century, when the natural gas production came from low-pressured fractured shales in Appalachian Basin. However, the lack of technology during that time did not allow operators to produce it with the adequate flow rates. It took almost 60 years for the industry to take a second look at these types of reservoirs, when Mitchell Energy & Development Corporation showed an interest in exploration of Barnett shales for gas production.

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Horizontal well сompletion technologies and permanent monitoring for oil rim field development

In Russia, pilot projects and following full scale oil rim fields development are mainly done by horizontal well technology. Directional drilling development allows to create horizontal and ERD wells to keep a well in a reservoir for a longer distance in order to maximize its productivity and drainage capability. But there are many questions related to completion technology and permanent monitoring of horizontal wells.

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По приглашению студенческой секции общества инженеров-нефтяников (SPE) Академии Инжиниринга Нефтяных и Газовых Месторождений (ИНГМ) Кирилл Богачев, супервайзер по бурению, провел серию встреч со студентами в г. Сочи с 3го по 6е июня. Студенты Академии проходят обучение по совместной с Университетом Роберта Гордона (Абердин, Шотландия) магистерской программе «Шельфовый нефтегазовый инжиниринг».