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Dear SPE members and oil and gas professionals!

Another SPE Moscow section monthly meeting took place on December 9, and it was the last lecture in 2014.

The meeting began with pleasant news from Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University students. Marat Tukhvatullin, Gubkin University Chapter President, gave a short summary of the sixth annual international student conference "Oil and Gas Horizons" and on behalf of the Chapter payed respects to the sponsors and partners of the conference by awarding memorable gifts.

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Different geophysical methods and processing techniques are used for studying of pore space in carbonate rocks, but system analysis necessitates for an integrated approach to the study of rock properties. One of the most efficient suites of specialized logging methods to study reservoirs with the mixed-type porosity is a joint analysis of data from the micro-imager, cross-dipole acoustic logging and also the formation tester.