We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on "Problems and challenges of qualitative and quantitative interpretation of transient wellbore temperature measurements". by Lev Kotlyar, research scientist, Schlumberger Moscow Research.

Programme Committee chaired by Alexey Khabarov (Sakhalin Energy) invites you to participate in the fourth SPE Petrophysics XXI: New Challenges Workshop scheduled to be held on 6-7 June 2016 in Peterhof, Russia. The workshop will focus on special logs interpretation and log interpretation in horizontal wells; new methods of cased hole logging and core analysis methods.

SPE is glad to invite you to the Petrophysics XXI Workshop, taking takes place on 6-7 June in Russia, Peterhof for the fourth time.

We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on "A method for diagnostics of near-wellbore zone properties alteration by combination of hydrodynamic and geophysical modeling". by Anastasiya Makarova, Consultant, Schlumberger Moscow Research.


The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of Russia is the largest region to supply the natural gas in the world. Almost 90% of all Russian and about 17% of world natural gas is produced in this region.

We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on "Improving WAG efficiency for heterogeneous and low-permeability reservoirs.". by Kirill Viktorovich Kazakov, LLC «LUKOIL-Engineering».


March 2016

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Remaining economically recoverable hydrocarbon volumes determine, according to the international standards, the value of any oil or gas asset.