Interference analysis and its impact on field development in carbonate objects of Kharyaga field

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One of the main aspects in the field management consists in the maintenance of reservoir pressure. Solid comprehension of injection influence on the reservoir is obligatory for that. In the complex carbonate geological environment (karst, fractures, caverns, etc…) this task starts to be even more complicated. Flow and pressure path could be not obvious and pressure support could be expanded on the large areas on distances more than 0,5 km.

As per current vision, flow behavior in the barrier part of the main object in Kharyaga field is mainly determined by different dissolution features and complex secondary porosity network. In order to investigate the phenomena, extended well testing program (including interference tests) was designed and executed in Kharyaga field. High quality interference data were acquired during field life. Numerical interpretation was done for the number of interference tests. As results, the velocity of the pressure waves was determined. Reservoir properties between well pairs were evaluated. After the synthesis with tracer injection data, the main directions of pressure and flow paths in the field were determined.

On the next stage, interference data were used to history match existing double-media simulation model. Using the data to constrain the model caused to the correct reproduction of the main reservoir behavior patterns. Pressure communication between 2 initially separated formations was proved in the scope of the study. Also the proper injection strategy was chosen for pressure support in the main object of the field.

About the Author

Andrey Semenov

Senior Reservoir Engineer, Total E&P Russia

Andrey Semenov is graduated from MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) in 2008. He first held R&D position working mainly on artificial lift and decision making research projects. Then, Andrey moved to reservoir engineer position for Vankorneft in Kranoyarsk. He joined Total E&P Russie in 2011 as reservoir monitoring engineer, then moved to Kharyaga asset team and responsible for Kharyaga field development. Andrey is author of ~ 10 international publications and is an active member of SPE (regular participation in workshops, conferences, meetings).

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