Improving the geological modeling of the Bazhenov

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Lately, exploration experiments on the oil fields and research of the isolated core from deposits of the Bazhenov formation allowed receiving new information about reservoirs of these strata. On the example of a several fields, located in the Latitudinal Ob’ area in Western Siberia, it was given common regularities of the Bazhenov formation and variability of the reservoirs.

The experience of researching show the impossibility of using extrapolating conceptions for effective geological modeling. It is necessary to research core for understanding of lithology, cut structure, reservoir properties, difference between reservoirs and source rocks for creation geological model of high quality. It must help to formulate the task for seismic interpretation. Based on difference between reservoirs and source rocks we can make 2D seismic-geological modelling to check whether the available seismic methods can feel changes in reservoir properties of the Bazhenov formation. So we can select the most effective method of seismic interpretation.

Quality of seismic interpretation technologies in inter-well space of the Bazhenov formation depends on controlling of factors which influence on productivity of the strata. Among these factors are: lithology, secondary transformations of rocks, tectonic, structural and other. Above all on the seismic interpretation quality depends on seismic data quality: it is necessary to keep amplitude-frequency parameters of the reflecting horizon B.

Three-dimensional geological modeling can help to make integration in united model of all geological and geophysical information of the studied oil field. This is the most important for the highly changeable deposits of the Bazhenov formation. In the presentation examples of various examples of seismic-geological modelling, different types of seismic technology interpretation and three-dimensional geological modeling are given.

About the Author

Varvara Nemova is the head of research group for shale formations productivity of Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Research Geological Oil Institute» ("VNIGNI"), graduated from Moscow State University. Ph degree of geological science.

The author/ co-author of a several scientific articles, the participant of the international scientific and practical conferences in the field unconventional oil. The co-author of a number of production reports on creation and monitoring of reservoir models of field in Western Siberia. Models created on the basis of detailed analyses of core and interpretation of seismic data.

Manage projects of complex studying of the Bazhenov formation deposits, including creation of reservoir models on the basis of seismic exploration data, using results of complex core researches by lithological, petrophysical and geochemical methods.

Realize experimental works on optimization of a laboratory-based complex core analysis of the Bazhenov formation for the purpose of increasing reliability and informational content of the results.

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