Methods of integrated modeling and design

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Many new projects are only marginally economic because of the low quality of reserves brought into production, their remote location from transport infrastructure, high surface facilities costs. Integrated design is one of the ways of improving their economic efficiency: joint optimization of technical solutions for reservoir development, field facilities and construction of external transport taking into account technical characteristics and cost.

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Practical experience of applying integrated design approaches suggests that the best effect can be achieved at early stages of project execution (well in advance of the design documentation development). Promptly resolving a set of technology optimization tasks may result in the asset profitability growth of 35% to 50%.

In the past years, some tools for creating integrated field models have been developed. However, many of them are excessively complicated and require data that is often unavailable, do not provide the visibility of results and do not allow to identify main field parameters and carry out a comprehensive analysis of uncertainties and robustness of technical solutions.

The presentation looks at integrated design algorithms developed by GazpromNeft specialists. It includes examples of integrated Company’s field development concepts using horizontal well systems.

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Mars Khasanov, Director, Technology Directorate, Upstream, GazpromNeft General Director, LLC Gazpromneft NTC


Mars Khasanov is a leading Russian scientist who has made a major contribution to science and operations practice of the Russian oil and gas industry. Expert in liquid and gas mechanics, applied mathematics, oil field development.

Doctor of Engineering, Professor.

Mars Hasanov helped create the North-West Section of SPE.

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